PMDD Healing Podcast

Where top experts share hope, guidance and next steps for your PMDD relief journey.

Show Notes:

PMDD pain relief with Command Cell Therapy.
Plus: What your PMDD symptoms are really telling you. The most important tool for your healing journey.

Some of the other important things I spoke about with Rachel:

  • Which PMDD symptoms respond well to this Command Cell Therapy.

  • Why pushing away pain and running away from it isn’t the solution.

  • Where your beliefs come from and why it matters.

  • Your symptoms are your inner voice letting you know that something isn’t right.

  • Some ways that you can grow your confidence and self-love.

Your Expert:
Rachel Lynn Fox is a PMDD Holistic Hypnotherapist and Coach.

After personally experiencing profound healing from PMDD, she trained and certified in the same therapy that saved her.

Her work is all about healing at a subconscious level so that negative beliefs are reframed and therefore no longer triggered when the hormones shift.

She uses Rapid Transformational Therapy with coaching and menstrual cycle awareness, which creates deep lasting change in her clients.

It is now her life’s work to help bring awareness to PMDD and that there is healing and there is hope.

Rachel’s Links:

Transformational Program For PMDD:

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The PMDD Healing Podcast is an interview style menstrual health podcast where you’ll find hope guidance and next steps for your PMDD relief journey.

These interviews were recorded for the PMDD Healing Summit and some of the experts include: Jenna Kutcher, Natalie Ryan Hebert , Rose Alkattan, Dr. Jordan Robertson, Le’Nise Brothers,…

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